2005 Fire Protection Calendar

  Region I Region II Region III Region IV
January 2005 Indian Point 3 Crystal River 3
Crystal River 3 (Followup)
Palisades Comanche Peak
March Fitzpatrick Farley 1/2 Dresden  

NRC Regulatory Information Conference (RIC), Washington, D.C. March 1-3, 2005

April       Grand Gulf
May     Clinton  
June Millstone 2 Oconee Fermi South Texas
July Seabrook     Fort Calhoun
August   Harris LaSalle  
August NFPA 805 "Pilot Plants' Kickoff Meeting, Region II Offices, Atlanta, August 11, 2005  

NEI Fire Protection Information Forum, San Francisco, Ca. August 29-31, 2005

October Oyster Creek   Monticello Wolf Creek
November   Sequoyah    
December 2005 Three Mile Island

Note:  Calendar indicates the month that the Triennial Inspection begins