2006 Fire Protection Calendar

  Region I Region II Region III Region IV
January 2006 Peach Bottom North Anna D.C. Cook Diablo Canyon
March Salem     Columbia

NRC Regulatory Information Conference (RIC), Washington, D.C. March xx, 2006
NRC to issue: Revised enforcement guidance relative to manual actions by March 15, 2006. [Expected to allow a six-month period to identify non-compliances and initiate corrective actions and three years to resolve the corrective actions.]

April   Hatch    
May Nine Mile Point      
June Ginna Surry    
July Pilgrim      
August Hope Creek Browns Ferry 2/3
Prairie Island Waterford 3

NRC to issue: Generic Letter on Post-Fire, Safe-Shutdown (SSD) Circuit Analysis
NEI Fire Protection Information Forum, San Francisco, Ca. August 28-31, 2006

September     Duane Arnold  
October   Vogtle
St. Lucie
November   McGuire Byron Callaway
December 2006     Perry  

Note:  Calendar indicates the month that the Triennial Inspection begins