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Fire Protection & 10 CFR 50, Appendix R Reference Document Library

"The last 25 years of Nuclear Plant Fire Protection"

Includes fire protection related generic letters, bulletins, information notices, SECY letters, NUREGs, staff memos, reg guides, inspection manuals, key Federal Register Notices, 10 CFR 50 regulations, etc. etc.

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Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection Program Website

     Install on your plant's Intranet
     Modeled after NEI LP-006, Fire Protection Map
     Facilitates Cost-Effective Plant Implementation of the Fire Protection Program
     Facilitates Day-to-Day Plant Fire Prevention Activities
     Facilitates Access to Design & Licensing Basis Information
     Supports Configuration Management
     Tool to Facilitate Common Processes at Multi-Site Utilities

     Features include:
     LAN access to
the "Fire Protection & 10 CFR 50, Appendix R Reference Document Library
     Convenient access to plant's licensing and design basis documents
     Click for details
For information on a demo and how you can install the website "template" on your LAN, send info request to


SDP JavaScript Calculator 
New version planned.

 Fire Protection Tool Box
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NRC Inspection Findings Database
NRC "Risk Screening Tool"
SDP JavaScript Calculator -OLD Version
Inspection Sample Questions
NRC Approved Exemptions Database
Feasibility of Manual Operator Actions
Electrical Circuit Failures Issue
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